About Glacier Rock Farms

Glacier Rock Farms (GRF) is situated across a glacial drumlin along the banks of the Rock River. Visitors here will not only get to see and learn about many different farm animals but will also get to interact with and touch almost all of our animals. During the week the Farm hosts many classrooms from area schools and daycares. On the weekends it is host to birthday parties, 4-H clubs, youth groups, and boy/girl scout events. Also, we are open to the public for families to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and watch the fall colors change.

The staff here at GRF loves animals. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of animals with our guests. Ask us anything and we will do our best to answer. We are here to help catch that chicken so that you and your kids can feel its comb and wattle. We will show you how to milk the cow by hand and help until you have been successful. At Glacier Rock Farms we get up close and personal with many of our animals and we hope that you will too.